[Read-a-thon] Bout of Books 11: Goals and TBR pile

bout of books 11 tbr

I spent some time in front of my bookshelves yesterday, staring into the abyss (or heaven, depends) to find books I want to read during the Bout of Books week. Let’s be realistic. My parents are at home because of their two weeks holidays. Which means: social time. Which means: people around, less time to read in peace and quiet.
Considering this, I picked four books which I really want to read right now. They’re all quite different and give me the chance to jump to another book in case I can’t get into the one I picked first.
I can’t wait to read them, though : D

Last but not least, my GOALS!!
Last time I had fancy goals, like, writing reviews and everything… IT DIDN’T WORK.
For the 11th Bout of Books (and my second one), I’m going to settle on one, only one goal, which is simple and awesome and just perfect.
Here we go:

bout of books 11 goal
Quite easy eh? I should manage ^^



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