[Read-a-thon] Bout of Books 10.0 Day 7 and Wrap Up

read a thon

It’s over. Done. Finished. The Bout of Books 10 ended on Sunday, and this is where I’ll show my final wrap up and reflect if I achieved my goals or not.

Books read during the read-a-thon:
Axel Petermann – Auf der Spur des Bösen
Erin Jade Lange – Butter
Charles Sheehan-Miles – Just Remember to Breathe
Brian K. Vaughan – Saga Vol. 1
Dan Wells – I Am Not A Serial Killer

Amount of pages I read: 1143

As you can see, I read 5 books in total. Not bad, not bad. With this I achived one of my goals: Beat my usual weekly amount of 2 books. YAY. I didn’t read 3 books from my read-a-thon reading list (which can be found here) but that was because other written words caught my eye and I simply head to read them. Also, I didn’t make any notes, and simply devoted all my time to reading. I read more than 3 hours every day, but I was slower than usual. Lots of distractions happened, so that is why I went completely silent from Wednesday on and only posted my reading updates.

In total: The Bout of Books Read-a-thon was a complete success. And it was fun, too. I can’t wait for the next Bout of Books to happen (which will take place August 18th – 24th).

Until then, happy reading. : )


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