[My Writing] Milverton’s Wonderland Part I (8th November 2012)

PicsArt_1367610368854Info: In meiner Freizeit schlage ich mir mit einem Sherlock-Rollenspiel auf Twitter die Nächte um die Ohren. Meiner Feder entstammen dabei eine Molly Hooper sowie ein Charles Augustus Milverton.
Da ich für beide Charaktere hin und wieder längere Texte veröffentliche, dachte ich, ich teile diese einfach mal in dieser Kategorie mit anderen außerhalb der Twitter-Rollenspielwelt. ^^

Dieser Post war die Geburt meines Milverton, sozusagen. ^^


6:25. It was about time. C.A. Milverton took his phone and dialed the number he called for the first time about six months ago. He paced the room while he waited for the call to be answered. One minute. Two minutes. Slowly and steadily he got impatient. At exactly 6:29 someone on the other end of the line took the call. The muffled and shaking voice of a man.

“Stibbons. Finally.” Milverton greeted the man called Stibbons. “It is time.” He paused and listened to the explanations of the nervous man. “You know exactly what I want. You can’t afford it to ignore me and my plea.” He had to pause again while Stibbons got more and more afraid, his voice squeaky and weak.

“Who do you think I am, young man? Your bank account isn’t exactly Fort Knox. Tut-tut.. Don’t shout. That isn’t a sign of good breeding. And it won’t help you either. You owe me, Mr Stibbons. And if you can’t pay me, then I will have to ask you for something other than money. Which I am doing right now. So.. Are you in?”

He had to wait for quite a while and at some point mused if Stibbons fainted..or ran away. Both weren’t a reason to panic. He seldom panicked. Why should he? Even if Mr Stibbons tried to hide himself from the world and from Charles Augustus Milverton, he will find him. Easily. London owned one of the most expensive CCTV systems in the world. Millons of cameras around the whole city. The material went to the MI5, the police, security firms and thousands of private persons. And all of them were bribable.

Lost in his thoughts he was a bit surprised when Stibbons finally answered. The answer caused him to smile. “Good boy. Go to work.”

He ended the call, removed the SIM card and cracked it in half. This was going to be fun.


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